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The DIN is calling for proposals from small–to–medium enterprises (SMEs) to work with university partners to accelerate development of early-stage technology concepts that have the potential to lead to Defence innovations and solutions with opportunities for commercialisation in both local and overseas markets.


DIN support for Seed Projects is based on a co-investment model, where Seed funding of up to $50,000 per Project will be made available on a competitive basis, and will require commitment of matching funds from the industry partner. A successful proposal will see pairing of the industry partner with one or more university research teams that have the expertise and capacity to delivery project outcomes in collaboration with industry capability. DIN can assist to locate such expertise among our member universities, on request.

To be successful, industry proposals for Seed Projects must meet the DIN’s selection criteria below. Areas deemed to have the greatest potential for Defence innovation fall into the Next Generation Technologies Fund portfolio:

– Medical Countermeasures
– Hypersonics, Directed Energies and Advanced Sensors
– Multi-Disciplinary Materials Science
– Enhanced Human Performance
– Trusted Autonomous Systems
– Quantum Technologies
– Aerospace
– Cyber and Intelligence

Projects should be scoped to deliver outcomes within 6-8 months and, to ensure substantive progress towards realistic goals, may be aimed towards a long-term program of research that will be well-placed for future funding initiatives.

Selection Criteria

– Identified need in Defence (technology or capability)
– Novelty and potential to become world leading
– Technical / Scientific Merits, Scientific and Technical Risk, Best Collaborative Team
– Potential for impact and implementation pathway
– Capacity and capability of the SME to commercialise project IP


Seed projects timeline

IP Management

It is recognised that each project and its IP requirements will be dealt with on a case by case basis. In general, IP management in DIN co-funded projects will be broadly aligned with the IP policies of the Defence Innovation Hub. In general, Project IP will be owned and managed by companies contributing to the project. Owners of project IP have the right to commercialise the IP. DIN members retain a royalty free license in perpetuity to pursue research that uses or builds on project IP.

Access to background IP necessary to implement project IP will be negotiated between the owner of the Project IP and the owner of the background IP on a case by case basis. In general, it is agreed that owners of background IP will provide access to such background IP, subject only to the terms of access being negotiated in good faith.

To facilitate IP management and commercialisation, project-specific non-disclosure agreements, licence term sheets regarding background IP, and foreground IP arrangements will be executed and retained by the DIN and the participating DIN members.

Note relating to funding

For successful proposals, funds from the Defence Innovation Network will be paid to the employing institution of the leading academic researcher. Matching funds from the successful proposing SME must also be paid to the employing institution of the leading academic researcher. Research contracts will be drawn up between the various parties.

Submission of Applications

Proposals should be submitted to info@defenceinnovationnetwork, by the due date
4 March 2019 using the template provided.


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