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The Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer (OCSE) is now accepting preliminary applications to the second round of the NSW Physical Sciences Fund (PSF).

NSW has great strengths in research across a wide range of scientific fields. The PSF aims to build on these strengths by supporting the translation of research into devices and systems ready for commercialisation.

The PSF is a $5 million fund that aims to deliver significant social, economic and environmental benefits to NSW by providing financial support for the development of new and innovative devices and systems within NSW, across the branches of physical science and engineering, including physics, chemistry, astronomy and the earth sciences.

The PSF will provide funding support through a competitive process to individuals, companies, research institutes and universities to take local innovations to market.

Preliminary Applications

  • Applicants must complete a preliminary application (early screening document). The application’s eligibility will be determined, the proposed project will be reviewed and its commercial potential assessed.
  • Applicants must submit a two-minute video clearly explaining the scientific and technological basis for the device/system (including imagery), how it works, the intended outcome/benefit to NSW and how the funding would be used to drive commercialisation.
  • The Expert Panel will invite a shortlisted group of applicants to provide a short presentation and answer questions.

A preliminary application form can be downloaded here: Physical Sciences Fund Preliminary Application Form

You must submit an electronic copy of the application (in PDF format) and video to:


The OCSE recognises the COVID-19 pandemic may impact your R&D activity and the extent might not be fully known to you yet. If you have any concerns about how COVID-19 might impact your business or proposal, please email us at to arrange a time to discuss further.

Please note that if successful, we anticipate you will receive the funds in one single payment by January 2021 to support your proposal.

We understand the need to be flexible in these uncertain times and we will consider requests for adjustments to project deliverables and timelines in light of any COVID-19 impacts.

Important dates

3 April 2020
28 May 2020
August 2020
September 2020
October 2020
December 2020

Preliminary applications open
Preliminary applications close
Shortlisted applicants present to the Expert Panel
Full applications requested
Shortlisted applicants present to the Expert Panel
Successful applicants announced

Please note dates are subject to change.

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