KPMG Australia


Project: Assessing land capability from above


Location: Sydney
Duration: 3-months
Start Date: January 2022
Eligibility: AU Citizens and Permanent Residents
Scholarship: $10,000


About the Industry Partner

KPMG is a multidisciplinary organisation ready to evolve and bring to life solutions alongside emerging trends with a deep understanding of new technologies. KPMG Australia’s Defence and Defence Industry team have been working shoulder to shoulder with the Department of Defence, providing a range of service offerings and capabilities, including technology, analytics, infrastructure, strategy development and assessment.

Project Objective

The project will design and build a proof of concept to demonstrate how satellite data can be used for the detection of assets on land to aid timely and accurate decision making.

It is expected that the project will produce:

  • An object-detection solution powered by artificial intelligence
  • A report detailing the data and algorithms used, solution methodology and architecture, outcomes and proposed further development for the future.

The tool will be applicable across multiple agencies managing assets that can be detected from space and will enable users to make decisions in a transparent and consistent manner based on trusted data.

Intern Skills


  • Computer vision experience through PhD studies
  • Python programming
  • Understanding of scientific methods underpinning machine learning

 Personal Qualities

  •  Time management skills and ability to work independently
  • Work outside of a structured environment and to navigate the ambiguity,
  • Bring their own thinking to the table and defend it with well-researched facts

Intern Development

  • Technical mentoring and support
  • Access to senior leaders that are shaping and consulting on the innovative AI solution to various Australian organisations including the Department of Defence.


Applications need to be submitted online by 15 November 2021 and should include additional documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation Letter
  • Proof of Australian citizenship or permanent residence
    (e.g. passport, birth certificate, citizenship or PR certificate)
  • Supervisor Support Letter
  • Proof of successful progress of your study (e.g. stage or semester progress reports, transcripts etc.)

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