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Sonartech Atlas is looking for Australian SMEs with the capability and capacity to manufacture or assemble SEA Class Workboats, ARCIMS USV and the AE Jaeger.

About Sonartech Atlas

Sonartech Atlas represents ATLAS ELEKTRONIK (AE) Group in Australia and New Zealand, providing customer access to and support for the Group’s products and capabilities in Submarine, Surface, Mine Warfare and Hydrographic Systems and Naval Underwater Weapons.

Sonartech Atlas, based in Sydney, is a recognised leader in Active Intercept and Ranging Sonars, Acoustic Analysis Systems, Sonobuoy rocessors and Data Recorders exporting equipment and/ or systems throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

About the Project

Sonartech Atlas, as part of the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK (AE) Group, is looking for Australian SMEs to either manufacture or assemble the following boats (Vessel/OEM or Partner/Opportunity/Description):

  • SEA Class WorkBoat – OEM:AEUK – Build to Print – The AEUK SEA Class Workboats represent a range of multi-mission, modular workboats.
  • ARCIMS USV – OAM:AEUK – Build to Print – The AEUK ARCIMS is a specialised Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) variant of a SEA Class Workboat.
  • AE Jaeger– Partner:AE- Co-Design, Build to Print – The AE Jaeger is a MCM manned boat modified to accommodate deployment, recovery and control of underwater Robotic and Autonomous Systems.

The approach to market by Sonartech has the objective to ascertain the current capabilities and capacity of local industry to support its plans to supply the SEA Class Boat, ARCIMS USV and the Jaeger upcoming Government projects.

  • Phase 1–EOI, Release 18 Aug 2020 to 04 Sep 2020; An open EOI to ascertain the current capabilities and capacity of local industry from which Sonartech can identify prospective candidates.
  • Phase 2–RFI, Release 22 Sep 2020 to 13 Nov 2020; Prospective candidates supplied with a more detailed request for information to determine the capability and capacity to supply boats. This will take the form of a RFI including Rough Order Magnitude Pricing (ROM) and may include a direct visit to the candidate.
  • Phase 3–RFP, Release Q1 2021 (TBA); Suitable candidates will be asked to respond to a Request for Proposal.

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