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The Department of Defense (DoD) seeks commercial Artificial Intelligence solutions to aggregate, structure, and analyse data sets, capture insights, and enable an organization to better support its members who exhibit behavioural changes that may indicate increased vulnerability.

Vulnerability in this case refers specifically to circumstances and behaviours that place members at higher risk of involvement in activities and situations likely to produce unwanted negative outcomes, for both people and the mission.

While the tender proscribes that Proposers must be U.S. based and owned, and all personnel working this effort in any capacity must be US citizens, Austrade understands from DIU that they are open to Australian organisations with compelling or innovative value propositions.

Note: The DIU solicitation proceeds in two stages. First, DIU reviews applications quickly after the solicitation closes. Second, applications are selected to ‘pitch’ your solution to DIU and DIU attempts to make a decision and issue a contract—for successful applicants—within 30 days of the pitch.

Applicants requiring AusTrade support should contact DIN at

Submissions due 15 May 2020 US ET.

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