Kinesthetic Measures of Soldier Readiness

Project Lead Organisation:
University of Wollongong

Collaborating Organisation:
Western Sydney University

DIN Funding:





Project objective:

The University of Wollongong have teamed up with Western Sydney University to explore the relationship between training and fatigue at an individual level, compare several techniques for fatigue assessment, and develop guidelines that will enhance a soldier’s effectiveness to adapt and sustain military physical and occupational training.


Soldiers are subjected to heavy workloads during exercise training and additional tole-specific training. Training-induced fatigue influences the effectiveness of training , can negatively impact soldier health, and ultimately performance of occupational tasks. 


The highly experienced team will conduct a physical training study with the ADF to evaluate the implementation of a novel APRT physical training program. Results will highlight markers of fatigue enabling greater precision in terms of exercise prescription relating to physical training to optimise adaption and occupational readiness and ultimately contributing to a highly proficient and prepared Defence capability.

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