Available Funds
Up to $150,000 per project

Project Duration
6-12 months

Researchers from 2 DIN universities

Sourced from the Defence & industry

Frequency of calls
1x per year

DIN Pilot Project funding scheme is an annual, competitive program that supports cross-discipline university collaboration in New South Wales.

The key objective of the DIN Pilot Projects is to conduct a rapid feasibility study on new ideas for Defence and develop these ideas into concepts or technology that can attract further investment from the government or industry. Pilot Projects should demonstrate high potential to satisfy an existing or emerging Defence capability need or an existing or emerging industry need.


Problem statements, which serve as a basis for a call-out for proposals, are sourced from Defence.

01_Space cloud
02_Monitoring Systems for Military Divers
03_System to predict UAV Failures


Selection process

  • Sandpit Workshops

DIN Sandpit Workshops bring together researchers, Defence and industry to identify important defence problems. During workshops, research problems are then pitched to the audience and challenged by experts. This allows attendees to understand the problem better and create new collaborations with like-minded people.

Problem statements coming out of these events form the basis of the call for proposals.

  • Application

Application for the DIN Pilot Project grant is a one stage process. Proposals should be submitted to info@defenceinnovationnetwork.com within the published due date.

All applicants are expected to communicate with their DIN university coordinator and the problem originator to ensure clarity of the project objectives. DIN can make these introductions on request.

  • Assessment

The DIN Technical Review Panel will assess all complete applications on a competitive basis relative to the criteria as outlined in the guidelines.

Anticipated timeline

30 Mar-22            Sandpit Workshops
19 Apr-22             Call for Proposals
31 May-22           Applications close
21 Jun-22             Technical Review Panel Assessment
28 Jun-22             Announcement of results
Jul-Sep-22            Contracting
01 Oct-22             Project start


DIN Pilot Project Guidelines- 22-23
DIN Pilot Project-Application Form


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