StressWatch: Real-time Detection, Intervention and Control of Stress Using Smart Watch

Project Lead Organisation:
University of Technology Sydney

Collaborating Organisation:
University of New South Wales
Western Sydney University
University of Sydney

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Project objective:

Existing wearables are currently unable to provide accurate and real time measures or control complex physiological manifestations such as stress. This project aims to develop a real time stress-detecting algorithm (StressWatch) that could be incorporated into smartwatch and would monitor biometric data and alert and control stress in wearers.


The ADF currently faces challenges with recruiting and retaining personnel across the Army, Air Force and Navy, resulting in the ADF being understrength. A core issue underpinning these challenges are the perceived, and actual, hardships Defence personnel must face. An estimated 46% of transitioned ADF members within the past five years met 12-month diagnostic criteria for a mental disorder. One of the direct causes of mental illness/injury from ADF service is prolonged exposure to stress, which not only damages brain cells but could lead to irreversible chronic stress.


This project aims to research, validate and deliver a prototype, with high prediction, for a smart non-invasive wearable device for the ADF. Within a 10-12 month timeframe, the project aims to deliver a world-first, user-friendly device that monitors and responds to physiological and behavioural biometric data to alert ADF personnel and training/support staff about ongoing stress levels when prolonged symptoms of stress occur.

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