Northrop Grumman Australia is looking for Australian suppliers with products and capabilities that can manage, monitor, service and supply Multi-Tactical Data Link Networks.


The Multi-Tactical Data Link Network (MTN) Sub Program within the Joint Data Network and Joint C4 Program will upgrade and support mission critical systems of the ADF MTN and associated facilities to enable ADF command and control for single service, joint and multi-national operations.

These critical systems will be implemented on warfighting platforms, in support and management locations and at strategic link points for the ADF. The acquisition programme will upgrade existing communication systems and introduce new communication mediums, whilst the sustainment of in-service systems across the ADF will be through a single support organisation for ADF TDL systems.

The Multi-Tactical Data Link Network (MTN) passes information and data automatically and rapidly between military platforms and systems within joint and coalition task-groups. The MTN is critical to the common tactical and common operating pictures that enable battlefield coordination.

NGA is conducting a market search for Australian suppliers that can be manage, monitor, service and supply Tactical Data Link networks and supporting infrastructure. This check for interest is to identify suppliers with products and capabilities that meet the needs described under Scope of Effort below. This may be followed by requests for further information such as organisational capability quad charts or quotes at NGA’s discretion.


Scope of Effort:

Capability Element 1; Joint Interface Control (JIC) System
Capability Element 3; Link capability upgrades
Capability Element 4; Inclusion of additional message format
Capability Element 5; Joint Network Integration Centre (JNIC)
Capability Element 6; Future JDN/TDL Capability Development
Capability Element 7; Joint Data Network Capability Governance

Expressions of interest close 4 September 2020.

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