• University: University of Technology Sydney
  • Stipend: $32,192- $50,291 and fee off-set, with an additional $5,500 top-up from the Defence Innovation Network
  • Requirement: Must be Australian citizens or permanent residents and enrol full-time
  • Start Date: ASAP
  • Contact: Dr Mahmoud Karimi, mahmoud.karimi@uts.edu.au


Reducing noise and vibration from underwater vehicles is one of the main focuses of the maritime division of Australia’s Defence. This project will explore how using shunted PZT patches can minimise the vibration of hydrofoils, improve the efficiency of this component and the comfort of the crew. 

This project will create advanced numerical models to analyse the effectiveness of shunted PZT patches for controlling hydrofoil vibration. These models will take into account heavy fluid loading from water, flow-induced vibration, and the realistic geometry of a hydrofoil and will be validated through experiments in a water tank.

The technology developed in this project can be applied to underwater lifting surfaces and propellers’ blades, which are widely used in defence and maritime applications. Reducing the vibrations of these components and, consequently, the noise induced by the vibrations will increase the efficiency of hydrofoils and reduce the fuel consumption and maintenance frequency of the propulsion system.


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