Autonomous, bio-inspired nanorobotics

Company: NanoCube
Duration: 3-months
Start Date: November 2023
Location: Remote
Scholarship: $20,000

About the Company

NanoCube is a Melbourne-based research and development company specialising in the next generation innovation leveraging Artificial Intelligence, materials science and nanotechnology. Nanotechnological advancement sits at the heart of NanoCube, especially developing and realising breakthrough smart materials and products with real-life benefits in Defence applications.

Project Objective

NanoCube is developing autonomous, bioinspired nanorobotics designed to be so small that they can enter enemy territory completely undetected. Their purpose is to gather and analyse intelligence in real time without the need for new costly equipment. The nanorobotics will be designed to detect chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats early to inform timely decision-making. The nanorobotics could also be loaded onto existing and emerging autonomous systems to enhance their performance. 

Intern Skills

Experience in materials science or mechanical/electrical engineering, and experience in using Python and machine learning modelling.


Applications must be submitted online by 5 November 2023 and should include additional documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation Letter
  • Supervisor Support Letter
  • Proof of Australian citizenship or permanent residence
    (e.g. passport, birth certificate, citizenship or PR certificate)



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