AUSMURI operates in conjunction with the United States Department of Defense’s Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI). It encourages partnerships between Australian and US-based institutions.

The AUSMURI program will provide Australian academics with 100% of eligible project costs up to a maximum of AUD$1 million per year over 3 years. Projects may be extended for a further 2 years, subject to approval, with additional funding of AUD$1 million per year.

The designated topic for AUSMURI 2021 is: Bio-architected Responsive Materials with 3D Nanoscale

It is expected that the project will generate new concepts and techniques using Synthetic Biology to create new advanced materials based on biological material modification and addition as well as new pathways and combinations of materials science, /biology, computing and engineering.

Developed concepts and techniques may support the development of:

  • Materials that self-heal after damage (e.g. armour, windshields, airframes, clothing, composites and robotics);
  • new reactive coatings and adhesives;
  • optical and electronic sensors;
  • alternative fuels;
  • anti-fouling coatings;
  • active textiles;
  • higher-strength materials than are available today.

The new materials may be dynamic, self-organising, multi-functional, responsive, and autonomously adaptive.

White papers due 7 June 2021 (US time).
Applications due 27 September 2021 (US TIme)

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