BAE Systems Maritime Australia’s Innovation team is seeking Expressions of Interest from industry to support the Hunter Class Frigate Program (HCFP).

About the Hunter Class Frigate

The Hunter class is based on BAE Systems’ Type 26 Global Combat Ship design, the world’s first bow-to-stern digitally-designed anti-submarine warfare frigate.

The Hunter class frigate will be modified to meet Australian requirements, including incorporating the Aegis combat management system, CEAFAR2 phased array radar, Australian communications systems, and the integration of the Seahawk Romeo Maritime Combat Helicopter.

Call for Expressions of Interest

Australian companies are invited to submit an EOI to support the Hunter Class Frigate Program (HCFP) to:

  • investigate manufacturing technologies, materials, coatings, and processes with the potential to improve the sail away performance of the nine Hunter class frigates;
  • investigate infrastructure, the workforce, and shipyard capabilities to ensure the Osborne Naval Shipyard maintains high levels of productivity, quality and safety; and
  • investigate ongoing maintenance or future capability upgrades that may immediately influence the design and delivery of the nine Hunter Frigates to be built at the Osborne Naval Shipyard in South Australia.

The team at BAE will evaluate submissions quarterly – with feedback – until June 2022.

Each EOI reviewed by the Hunter Innovation Team may be considered for future steps including a Request for Information (RFI) and/or Request for Proposal (RFP). This may lead to a  an agreement for a scope of work which could be in the form of a Research Task, Case Study; Feasibility Studies; Proof of Concept; Prototyping; or other agreed scope of work.

Run by BAE Systems Maritime Australia, these activities support their continued commitment to growing Australian Industry Capability, driving technological innovation and contributing to the Australian Government’s long-term objective to deliver Continuous Naval Shipbuilding for our nation.


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