Defence is inviting companies, businesses and organisations to respond to a Call for Submissions detailing their innovative solutions that have the potential to enhance Australian Defence Force capability.

Defence Innovation Hub (Hub), an initiative of the Australian Government’s Department of Defence (Defence) has been established to support Australian companies, businesses, and academic and research organisations in the collaborative development of innovative solutions with the potential to enhance Australian Defence Force capability.

Where an innovation proposal is assessed as suitable for investment and satisfies the requirements and assessment criteria set out in the Terms for Call for Submissions, Defence will invite the respondent to participate in a Request for Proposal process. Defence intends to enter into contracts with respondents under a contractual framework, to mature their innovations to meet Defence’s capability needs.

The Hub facilitates innovation activities from initial concept, through to prototyping and integrated testing. These activities will be procured through the Hub across four distinct contract phases depending upon the current maturity level of the innovation proposal.

Call for Submission (CFS) Stage criteria

Each submission in response to the Call for Submissions (CFS) that passes initial screening will be assessed against the following criteria, not in any order of importance:

  • Suitability
  • Feasibility
  • Timeliness
  • Contribution to Australia’s defence industry capability.

After each proposal is assessed against the criteria, Defence will consider these proposals to ensure that it maintains a balanced portfolio of investments, taking into account the following:

  • Alignment to Defence poriorities
  • Diversity
  • Innovation Lifecycle
  • Financial considerations

Request for Proposal (RFP) criteria

Respondents with successful CFS submissions will be invited to participate in a RFP process, in which more detailed information will be sought and a more detailed assessment of the proposal undertaken, including additional considerations for Cost and Organisational Capability and Capacity. Defence will then reconsider the balance of investment as well as strategic considerations to determine value for money.

Conditions for Participation

Respondents must have a valid ABN or NZBN in order to participate in the Hub’s procurement process

How to submit

Respondents will be able to submit an innovation proposal through Defence’s online Innovation portal. The portal, and further information about the Hub’s procurement processes, can be accessed at:

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