DIN has awarded 14 PhD Scholarships to early-to-mid stage research projects that address current or emerging Defence or industry needs, allowing PhD students an opportunity to receive practical, hands-on research experience in a defence setting.

This program will grow local Australian skills and support STEM career pathways in Defence.

These collaborative projects will bring fresh, innovative ideas to Defence and industry, strengthen their relationships with NSW universities and promote STEM job creation in the State. PhD students will benefit from practical, hands-on research experience in a defence setting.

Winners of the 2021 PhD Scholarships

Project Collaborators
Stealthy osmotic engines Western Sydney University, BlueZone Group
Optimal design and testing of composite structures with enhanced protection capability against laser weapon attack Western Sydney University, DSTG, ADF
MAC protocol design for reliable underwater communication UTS, DSTG
Multi-functional metamaterials for efficient vibro-acoustic control UTS, DSTG, Robotic Systems
Using Cues: The Cognitive Enabler of Warfighting Macquarie University, ADF
Microfluidic Cooling for High Power RF Electronics Macquarie University, DSTG
Optical technologies for distributed array sonars UNSW, Thales, Zedelef
Kelvin wake fingerprinting of submerged vessels UNSW, Naval Pacific Group
Naval ship response under extreme loads University of Newcastle, Pacific ESI
Cyber security for autonomous systems University of Newcastle, DSTG
Cooperative operation of UAVs and other types of vehicles considering energy constraints and uncertainty University of Wollongong, Hover UAV
Project Kosciuszko: Supporting deep decisions in AI-enabled
command and control
University of Wollongong, DSTG
Drag-reducing Anti-fouling Coatings for Maritime Applications University of Sydney, MicroTau
Finding Haystacks within Haystacks: An AI Framework for
Automated, Machine-to-Machine Sharing of Benign Cyber
Intelligence Data
University of Sydney, Thales

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