About the Awards

The annual DIN Impact Awards honour and celebrate the achievements of future-minded academics, Defence researchers and companies involved in DIN programs that have harnessed the power of collaboration to contribute to the Defence innovation ecosystem in New South Wales.

This is an opportunity for the Defence S&T community to showcase their successes and highlight their innovative leadership.

We hope that DIN Impact Awards will set new standards for creating value, collaboration and improving Australia’s sovereign defence capabilities through technology innovation.

Why now?

DIN has grown in stature over the past five years and is now arguably Australia’s leading defence research and technology development provider, having brokered over $100 million of reported externally funded collaborative research projects since its inception.

DIN has not only delivered investment but also realised defence technologies now featuring in export markets and significantly contributed to advanced skills development.

Award Categories

Winners will be named in the following categories. For all categories, participants must be involved in DIN funding programs or activities.

Teams or individuals who achieved the most significant results or contributed to the overall success of DIN since its inception. This category can’t be entered, but it will be awarded based on the decision of the judges.

Teams or individuals that have developed a next-generation proof-of-concept technology with world-leading potential.

Teams or individuals that have successfully driven the adoption of innovative technology developed through DIN programs into a defence-relevant product or service.

Teams or individuals whose efforts were instrumental in achieving multi-disciplinary and multi-team collaboration and led to the outstanding success of the project.

Female leaders who have achieved outstanding results working on Defence-related projects.

Who is eligible

Academics, Defence researchers, students, companies, involved in any of the DIN Funding Programs or participated in DIN engagement activities that resulted in outstanding results.


Judges participating in the selection process will be comprised of DIN member universities, Defence and industry partners.

Judging Criteria

Judges will review and score the entries based on specific criteria

  • Value: How compelling and game-changing is the project? Does it involve big ideas and innovative approaches that can drive significant change?
  • Tangible Outcomes: What was the result of the project? What is the magnitude of the created technology, and what impact does it have on the defence innovation environment? Can it inspire future innovators?
  • Delivery: What was the delivery journey to achieve successful results? How were end-users engaged?

Prizes for winners

  • Exclusive celebration ceremony at DIN 5th Anniversary Event
  • DIN Impact Awards trophy
  • Several amplifications and promotional opportunities for winners


  • September- October
    Entry Submission by 31 October 2022
  • November 2022
    Finalist Selection
    The judging panel will review all qualified entries and will, select finalists, and determine the winners
  • December 2022
    Winners announcement


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