Defence Innovation Network’s Internship Program will fund 15 three-month internships that will place highly-skilled PhD students into companies and promote defence career pathways amongst young researchers in New South Wales.

The program will pair second and third-year  STEM PhD students enrolled at DIN member universities with Australian businesses operating in defence relevant areas. This will enable companies to harness the skills of upcoming specialist research experts, create long-lasting connections with universities and fast-track their high-impact research projects at no cost to the company.


Why internships?

In a time of increased defence investment and rapid technological change, Australia’s defence capability will rely on people with expertise in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Defence companies compete with other sectors for the skilled workforce needed to deliver innovative technologies for the Australian Defence. Universities raise young STEM talent, but, often, companies find it challenging to identify the right people from within the university environment for internships or employment. DIN Internship Program aims to match businesses with expertise at universities.

 Benefits to the company

  • Cost-free access to young talent, specialist expertise and skills at university
  • Rapid delivery on the company’s R&D project
  • Opportunity to create long-lasting connections with the university and student
  • Easy process and engagement, and the company provides supervisor time only

Benefits to the PhD student

  • Opportunity to get real hands-on experience in a defence setting
  • Additional scholarship to cover living expenses
  • Opportunity to develop a network of contacts outside of academia


How it will work?

1. Student's Application

Eligible students are invited to submit their applications by COB, 20 August 2021.

2. Company's Project Application

Companies are invited to submit their project proposals by COB, 20 September 2021.

3. Speed-Dating Event

DIN Internship “Speed-dating” Event will be attended by industry, PhD students, and supervisors to match teams. The tentative date for this event is 7 October 2021.

4. Contracting

The agreements between industry partners and universities will be signed. DIN will transfer internship funding to student supervisors.

Contracts will be signed between October- November 2021.

5. Internships start

Students will be placed to work on the projects with industry partners during the summer break between November 2021- March 2022.

6. Reporting

Students and industry partners fill in a short report which will summarise internship outcomes and submit it to DIN.

Available Internships

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