About Innovation PitchFest

Innovation PitchFest is a dynamic and stimulating event where selected participants have the chance to present their latest science and technology ideas to Defence in the form of a short 3-minute pitch. The event brings together DSTG, industry and academia and is an opportunity to learn from rising talents in Australia’s research and development sector.  

2021 PitchFest Goes Virtual

This year, to accommodate the current COVID-19 safety measures, Innovation PitchFest will look a little different. Successful applicants, in lieu of live presentations, will deliver their pitches prior to the event via Zoom. Pitches will be recorded and stitched together to produce a virtual form of the typical PitchFest. The compilation of 3-minute pitches will be played throughout the day at Land Forces, streamed via the official Land Forces website as well as that of numerous other organisations we are in discussions with.

The Winners

  • Best Overall Innovation – Control drones & other devices with just two fingers – Annette McClelland (Tekuma)
  • Best Land Domain Innovation – Scotty – Digital Power Transfer Vehicle Alternator – Bruce Loxton (Safiery)
  • Best Presentation – Smart Microchips for Military Working Dogs – Dr Garnett Hall (VetChip)

The winners’ trophies will be presented at Land Forces 2021 at the Innovation and Technology for the Future Force Conference on Thursday 3rd June.  They will be presented by the Keynote Speaker, Dr David Kershaw, Chief of DST Group’s Science Engagement and Impact Division.

The Judges were:

  • Mr John O’Callaghan (Chair – Victorian Defence Advocate)
  • Dr Claire Davis (DSI Associate Director)
  • Ms Sumen Rai (Acting Director, Defence Innovation Partnership)
  • Mr Nick Mebberson (Managing Director, Bespoke Engineering

The Pitches

List of Pitches and their Topics

Topic Name Company
What’s behind the Trees? A/Prof Gregory Cohen Western Sydney University
Industry 4.0 R&D Digital Material Laboratory Mr. Jeff Lang Titomic
Control drones & other devices with just two fingers Ms. Annette McClelland Tekuma
Deployable Fuel Generation for Resilient Energy Mr. Adrian Martin CuraIT
AIVA – AI Driven Automated Assessment and Training Tools Mr. Christian Fulton AIVA
Escape Room Education Dr. Robert Ross LaTrobe University
RADENET: Rapid deployable IoT sensor network setup for hazardous environments Dr. Hamid Abdi Deakin University
Investigation of dual air‐marine vehicle for intermedia transition Dr. Nima Nadim Curtin University
Autonomous Behaviour Tracking of Military Working Dogs in Kennels Mr. Michael Stone Curtin University
Scotty ‐ Digital Power Transfer Vehicle Alternator Mr. Bruce Loxton Safiery
Creating a high antimicrobial environment is easy Mr. Richard Jeffery Biosafe Innovations
Training Cognitive Skills Can Enhance Soldiers Performance A/Prof Sean Muller Federation University
Drones and machine learning help build the best world map Dr. Karen Joyce GeoNadir
A Platform for Lean Model‐Based Systems Engineering Dr. Dan Powell Kompozition
Mobile Microgrid and Air Deployable Solar array Mr. Roy Mitchell Onetide Modular Systems
Large Scale Onboard Machinery Thermal Cloak Ms. Rebekah Manley Onetide Modular Systems
Smart Microchips for Military Working Dogs Dr. Garnett Hall Vetchip
Transforming Hearing Loss Detection on the Battlefield Dr. David Sly Sonic Skunk Works
Human Performance improvement through data analytics and artificial intelligence Mr. Michael Hardy KBR
Human Machine Teaming Mr. Aidan Creamer Chironix
SAWS: Stand‐off Automated Warning System Mr. Hamish MacDougal Murray Consulting Solutions
Live AI Training for humans to ask better questions Mr. Mic (‘Mike’) Black Readiness.io
Green Shield Prof. Udo Bach Monash University
Protecting soldiers with wheeled robots with maximum traction and manoeuverability Dr. Ian Spark Federation University

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