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Future Submarine Combat System Program

Lockheed Martin Australia is the combat system integrator for Australia’s Future Submarine Program, partnering with the Department of Defence and Naval Group to design and integrate the combat system for the future fleet.

The Future Submarine Combat System Program presents an opportunity for Australian Industry and Academics to participate in an exciting and strategically important program to build and maintain an enduring and regionally superior Australian submarine capability. This is a long Program and the technological solutions potentially sought may not necessarily have been invented yet. Therefore, Research and Development (R&D) will play an integral function in the successful delivery of the Program.

Topics of the R&D Program

  • Novel methods for reliable communications on an unstable platform
  • Emerging technologies for improved autonomous celestial navigation
  • Distributed underwater sensor networks and their impact on submarine operations
  • Novel methods to integrate compressive sensing techniques
  • Novel methods to monitor track and efficiently manage power within racks
  • Use of advanced materials and fabrication processes to overcome SWAP-C constraints
  • Investigation into real-time monitoring of human performance
  • Smart driven dynamic reallocation of computing resources based on compute demands

Application Process

In Stage 1, White Papers on scientific or technical merit on ideas or technology are sought.

Up to $75,000 will be provided to successful projects scoped for 6 months with the potential to get additional funding up to $1M in stage 2. Proposals are due by 2 September 2019.

Detailed information regarding R&D program pathway is available  here.

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