DST’s Modelling Complex Warfighting (MCW) Strategic Research Investment (SRI) program is a five year program which seeks to revolutionise how DST undertakes operations analysis to better handle the interaction of complex geopolitical, social, technological, economic and cultural factors impacting the capability of the current force and design of the future force.

Our Mission is to develop and employ trusted analytical methods and decision support tools that give Defence and national security decision superiority across all aspects of force design, operational planning, command and control, and support to the Australian Defence Force on operations. Joint and Operations Analysis Division (JOAD) and the Defence Innovation Partnership (DIP) are launching the second Modelling Complex Warfighting Strategic Research Initiative call to academia.


The MCW SRI aims to address the force design and future defence force employment problems under four broad research themes: Conquering Uncertainty, Innovative Simulations, Knowledge Synthesis, and Modelling Complexity. More information on the MCW SRI can be found at the following link.

The 2019 MCW SRI call will focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomy for decision making with additional research areas being proposed by Defence OR stakeholders. The call will pioneer the use of Multi-Party Collaborative Project Agreements as part of the Defence Science Partnering Deed 2.0. The intention is to incorporate the MCW SRI Multi-Party Agreement Collaborative Project Agreements within an Operations Research network (ORnet) and build on the existing MCW SRI research portfolio.

Topics of interest:

This call will be comprised of two components:

1. MCW SRI topics

  • AI-Enabled Wargaming for decision making
  • Autonomous Analyst

2. Defence OR topics

  • Defending Australia in cyberspace
  • Deterrence in the information domain
  • Evaluating deterrence value: modelling the value of Defence capabilities outside of conflict

Universities are welcome to submit multiple proposals to either or both components of this call, and the Commonwealth reserves the right to fund all or none of the topic areas.

Submissions must be received before 5:00pm (EST) on 18th October 2019. The projects will be for a period of 12 months commencing in January 2020.

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