A partner prime contractor is interested to know research capabilities in a number of areas to form part of their submission for a domestic procurement program including R&D elements.

Academic and industry researchers are invited to submit their expression of interest to be connected by 5:00 pm on Friday, 29 January 2021.

Areas of Interest

  • Advanced simulation architecture and models to develop sophisticated high-fidelity LVC capability to support Operational Analysis, training machine-learning algorithms, tactics development, experimentation and operator training.
  • Multi-sensor, active and passive, distributed data fusion to implement the IAMD C4ISR Design Guidance vision of the Commonwealth.
  • Airspace conflict detection and resolution algorithms to implement the Commonwealth’s Joint Engagement Zone concept.
  • Force level threat evaluation/ weapon assignment architecture algorithms to optimise force-level use of effectors (kinetic and non-kinetic), optimise engagement outcomes and support the operators in making timely decisions with confidence that rules of engagement are satisfied in high-intensity conflict situations.
  • Multi-source data fusion algorithms that fuses real-time sensor information with non-real time sources such as intelligence to ensure that the commander is automatically presented with all available information relevant to the decisions they need to make.
  • AI application to processing of sensor data to extract intelligence such as SIGINT and IMINT to support long-range fires dynamic targeting.  That is, support reduction of targeting cycle against missile launchers and other AMD threats from days to minutes.
  • Automated planning / course of action tool that takes predicted threat order of battle derived from intelligence and provides plans for the force disposition to meet the threat, and monitors operations during mission planning execution to propose changes to force disposition in response to the actual course of the battle.

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