Available Funds
Up to $50,000 matched by industry partner

Project Duration
2-12 months

DIN university & NSW-based SME

Defence-related topics

Frequency of calls
2-3 x per year

DIN Seed Project funding scheme is a competitive program that supports collaboration between NSW-based small businesses and DIN universities. The purpose of the DIN Seed Projects is to grow defence industry capability within NSW.

In response to ICERA Initiative, the DIN has established the Seed Project Leverage Scheme (SPL) that will allow SMEs to co-develop innovative technologies together with NSW universities.

DIN support for Seed Projects is based on a co-investment model, where Seed funding of up to $50,000 per project will be made available on a competitive basis and will require a commitment of matching funds from the industry partner.


To be eligible, projects must be led by NSW-based small-to-medium enterprises in collaboration with DIN universities and be successful in ICERA call. Both DIN funding and Industry cash contribution must be used to conduct R&D activities at the partner university.

The project must not interfere with contracting, any deliverables or the completion of a project funded through ICERA.

Application process

  • Step 1 Info webinar

SMEs are invited to attend a webinar on 4 September 2020 to learn more information about the DIN Seed Project Leverage funding.

  • Step 2 Submit intention to apply

Industry partners interested in applying for DIN SPL funds are strongly encouraged to get in touch with the DIN at their earliest convenience. DIN will be able to make introductions between industry and relevant researchers on request.

Submit your intention to apply for Seed Project Leverage Funding here.

  • Step 3 Submit an application to ICERA

Applicants must disclose their intention to apply for DIN SPL funding including all relevant information about the third-party collaborators in the ICERA application.

  • Step 4 Apply for DIN Seed Project Leverage Funding

Industry partners that win ICERA contracts will be invited to submit a full application to DIN Seed Project Leverage Scheme.

Proposals for the DIN SPL scheme should be submitted electronically to by the due date (to be confirmed).


All complete applications will be assessed by the Technical Review Panel on a competitive basis relative to the selection criteria

  • Novelty and potential to become world-leading
  • Stretch goals achievable due to additional funding and access to university researchers and facilities
  • Technical / Scientific Merits, Risk, Best Collaborative Team including specific reference to the university collaborators
  • Capacity and capability of the SME to commercialise project IP


19-Aug-20              ICERA Call
18-Sep-20               ICERA Applications close
Oct-20                    ICERA results & Seed Projects Call /indicative date/
Feb-21                    Seed Projects close /to be confirmed/
Mar-21                    Assessment & Results
May-21                   Contracting & Project start


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